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Ses Slade
PRIVATE 1:1 MENtoring - 3 Months

Having coached men and working closely with them in The Awakened Man workshops, the main thing I find in common is we are all suffering and creating stories that are hindering us men moving forward in finding clarity, purpose & fulfillment in our lives. We each desire the same thing in life –  to be SEEN, to be HEARD and to be LOVED, for who we truly are.

My intention as a coach is to be a mirror, a person of influence to call you forward to strive for the life that you want and to step into your full potential & GREATNESS

I do not possess the answers you are seeking, I am the mirror encouraging you to see within you the answers you seek.. Deep down you know the answer because its in all of us. Together we call that forward and illuminate it for you to step into. What I do is work with the people who are ready to step into their power as a human-being. I give them the tools to have powerful breakthroughs and shift into their greatness to shape their ideal reality.

If you believe you are ready to fully embrace your purpose – send me a message and lets dive deep into your vision for the world.

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Short Program - THE 4 PILLARS

4 Week concentrated mentoring program for the men looking to awaken their next level. Diving deep into the 4 Pillars -

- Purpose

- Relationships

- Health

- Finances

If you believe this short course is for you send me a message and we can discuss what is best suited to you.

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