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This workshop is designed for 'Men Only' to help breakthrough limiting belief systems, heal old wounds and establish blockages that may be present. This is a safe space for Us Men to open up and share stories of challenges in life and breakthrough the stigma of revealing the Feminine energy.

Lets redefine how Men talk, connect and share. And have a real conversation go beyond the beers and banter.

The Awakened Man is conscious and powerful. He recognises that there is an ongoing conflict within his mind, vision and path. The Awakened Man is willing to do the inner work it takes to have a positive impact on the world around him and the people around him. Inspire one, Inspire many!

Hope to see you connect with you soon.




The Consciouship Matrix workshop is a full day immersive deep dive workshop created to hold space for you to align with yourself, grow, stretch you and illuminate the relationships around you and within you and how you cultivate them.


This workshop is intended to support those who feel called to come into a new sacred consciouship (conscious relationship) with themselves, romantically or platonically to bring about deeper more meaningful, aligned, empowered, open, loving connections in their life.

Breakthrough old paradigms, carve out deeper more intimate Divinely empowered masculine/feminine balanced relationships and override limiting belief systems from childhood, adulthood and previous relationships.

This is an opportunity to discover or deepen your relationship to your Higher Self, your inner child, your partner, your family, your friends... your truth.

This workshop is for couple-ships & single-ships alike, a safe space to dive deep in to the human experience and into the emotional and spiritual realms of sacred relationships.

Our intention is to create a sacred intimate space, tickets space are therefore limited.

We look forward to connecting with you, diving with you, crying with you, laughing with you, journey with you, discovering with you and holding space for you as you experience this experience for yourself.

With Love & Light

The Slades